Engaging students in science & technology, and other personal development activities through realization of UMN AVS student Chapter

CEMS undergraduate students have established a new student chapter of the American Vacuum Society (AVS) at the University of Minnesota under the faculty leadership of Professor Jalan. The chapter hopes to foster discussion between students, local industry professionals, and various faculty members across science and technology disciplines.



Broader Impact on Science through Visuals and Animation:

Communicating ideas and concepts has never been an easy task. Animation or visuals can be a powerful tool to accomplish this task in an intuitive way. Here we show an animated video explaining the steps involved during crystal growth using hybrid molecular beam epitaxy. 

Animation courtesy: Mr. Chris Cheng, senior undergraduate student, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, UMN

Outreach through education and training of students

Our group participates in, and organize various lab tours for K-12, undergraduate and potential graduate students to expose them to the fun of science. Many of these students get to see “what scientists do” for the first time.